Gotti's Biography


Roberto Gotti, was born in 1961 in Bolzano of Emilian parents. Since the age of 5 he lives in symbiosis with the female beauty. Since he was 5 years old he was enraptured to see her mother that, putting a little of color on her face and making a thin line on her eyes, turned herself from Mom into a charming and sophisticated woman. At that time it was magic and he had to be part of that magic. Since then make-up has become the purpose and satisfaction in his life. It remained for a long time an intimate passion, hard to externalize because he was a man. Meanwhile he went from art institutes to schools for graphics to find his way, without noticing he had already found it. At 20 he moved to Milan to attend a course in aesthetics, but he was appreciated for his skills as a Make-up Artist, without even knowing that his passion could have been a job. They wanted to pay him for what he was always able to. Something so natural to him, like writing his own name. Diego Dalla Palma appreciated his qualities as Make-up Artist hiring him in his Make-up laboratory. After that experience, a trusted friend began to involve him in fashion. He became his agent and still today follows him in his career. Since then, Roberto is an integral part of fashion system, working for all well-known fashion designers and all the most important Fashion magazines.  Countless people requested his cooperation, he was a consultant for various styles of Make-up and taught in some the most prestigious Make-up Academies. He’s a calm, humble and reserved person but with a big heart, with the desire to share and transfer his immense and exalting experience to those who have the same passion and love for this art. People about him said: “You're not a homosexual because you like men, but because you love women in a visceral way, elevating them as untouchable and unreachable beings, and the strong veneration and love prevent you from owning them