Make-up courses for

Dance Schools


Make up in the professional training of dancers is often neglected, without considering that knowing how to make the best is incredibly important. The image helps to gain confidence and personality through a skillful work of make-up, facilitating the difficult impact with the stage and the public. To know how to shade and highlight the face in order to obtain different volumes to emphasize or alter the shape of the oval; To create several images by combining harmony and aesthetics depending on the roles to play. Becoming aware of the high intensity of make-up required by the considerable power of the theatrical spotlight. To give the possibility even to the last of the spectators to enjoy the skill and the beauty of the protagonists. To know what products are most suitable in order to support a dance performance and the heat caused by the lighting. Inserting into the didactic program a couple of days of Make-up course will confer prestige, value, high professionalism and a deep interest in your profession, leaving nothing to chance and completing the preparation of the students in details.