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 University RG Make Up

University RG Make up Philosophy


University RG Make up University RG Make up comes from the pain of seeing young men and women having to give up on what could have been the dream of their lives, abandoning the idea of being able to have a happy and satisfying career, projected toward a possible business success. While offering my services as a Lecturer at several prestigious Make Up Schools and Academies, I saw parents accompanying their sons to interviews to attend courses. They were filled with enthusiasm, desire, exuberance and freshness that only at that age one could have, enabling them to be a part of that world that until now was only fable and fantasy, that was just one step away from being realized. I found myself, my emotions and the strength I had when I started, I would have rocked the world just to achieve success, my art and my passion had to become the work of my life. It could not under any circumstances be possible that many of these young people would come out of the interviews disappointed, in tears, or that exorbitant economic demands or distance from structures could wreck prospects of a probable happy future. To see so many youngsters disappointed and disheartened by what gave me immense satisfaction and gratification, every time it was like a punch in the gut. University RG Make up is born from the pain and disappointment of these experiences, plus from a handful of feeling and a lot of love for my work. I wanted everybody to have the possibility to enjoy the same opportunities I had, everywhere, low cost, but with the same professionalism of a high level course. In this project I share all my experiences and what my 35 year-career gave me, hoping to contribute to the happiness and expectations of many people. This work must be done with heart and so much passion. The goal to achieve should not be about earning a lot of money because that will automatically happen. Live this profession as if you were on a mission! Make everyone you meet on your way happy! You will get awards, satisfaction and unexpected gratifications.

With the sincerity that I'm characterized by,

Roberto Gotti

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